Monday, October 3, 2011

Sorry it's been so long...

Well it's true what they say, life does go by fast. So we have a couple, well more like a ton of pictures. First I'm going to rewind the seasons. It is July of 2011. Logan and I went to Worlds of Fun, an amusment park here in the Kansas City area.

 Walking into the park Logan got so excited about riding the really big rides. Needless to say I was probably just as excited as he was.
 I'm so glad that we both share a love for roller coasters that we didn't have to use the exit of shame. :)
 This ride is called Spinning Dragons. Not the scariest or longest ride but it sure is fun to scream anyway.
 I think this was one of Logan's favorites, just because it's big...and fast.
I love this picture.

Alright now we can fast forward to September 2011. While Logan was at work our niece and nephew came over to hang out and party with their favorite Aunt Erica for the evening on the weekend when they didn't have school. This is something that they like to do during the school year.
A couple days before they came over Logan and I were running around outside and noticed this trail by our apartment complex. Of course we started walking, but we didn't get to the end because I need to get home and start getting ready for work. So when my niece and nephew arrive and Logan leaves we decide to go walk the trail.

 I told them I needed a GOOD picture of them and this is what I got. Work with me... :)
 This is the second attempt at a GOOD picture. Still not their best.
 By this point I gave up and Jake found a tree that he claimed. Not sure what he was doing.
Then we pressed on!

Since then Logan and I have be working quite a bit. Logan has had overtime for 3 months now and is not really liking 60hr weeks. I don't work as much as him but I work everyday that I possibly can.

Logan applied for MU within the past month and we should be hearing back from them at anytime. If he gets accepted we will be moving to Columbia, ya! If for some reason that plan doesn't follow thru we will still be moving to St. Louis to live with my sister. There we will both attend community college, work part time, pay for our new car and save for our own house. We are planning to be our by the end of the year which ever way things pan out for us. Either way we are both excited to have some change in our lives.

General Conference was amazing. For those who don't know General Conference is a world wide broadcast. 2 times a year we watch the broadcast and listen to our church leaders and the Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Poor Logan was so tired that he couldn't stay awake so I tried to help him out a little...

Needless to say didn't really help.

I hope eveyone who reads this is doing well. And Logan and I will try to remember to keep blogging. I think I'll make him do the next one so that you can get a hint of his personality on paper. :) Write (hopefull) soon!

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