Sunday, January 29, 2012


Well things do get crazy! We have some news to share with everyone. We will be moving in about a month and a half! Although we are only moving about 30 min away, it is still further then where we are now. We will be moving in with the delightful person I call my sister-in-law. She is so wonderful :) We will be living in the basement as soon as Logan finishes it. He is going to be putting a bathroom in for us, insilating the ceiling and walls that he is going to build. I think I got just a tad bit excited, because I already started packing stuff up to move.
Logan and myself have been attempting to teach swing dancing to the youth in our ward. Only the nights that we can do it, and the time of day doesn't quite work out for him. So yes, I am going solo on teaching. It was supposed to be a learning experience, more so for Logan then me. That turned out not like we, or I had hoped for or planned.
My poor hubby is still stuck working nights. He still is not liking it one bit. The funny thing is, is that Logan does pretty darn well for a job that isn't quite his favorite. He scored in the 138% percentile of his work progress. Which basically means that he is haulin!!! On the other hand, Logan has so hope to get on with a oil rig company. He just got some news today from is padre that there is a possible opening.
Me on the other hand, I will be going for a tour of my extremely promising new job!! It is a lazer tag, party house kind of place and it seems like such a better envirnment then what I'm working in now :)

There really is nothing else to report. But I will try to make sure that Logan actually gets a turn to post. (This post was actually supposed to be his!)

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